How to Buy Heritage and Traditional Pork

How to Buy Heritage and Traditional Pork - Acorn Bluff Farms

Heritage and traditional pork tastes better than what you buy in the grocery store, and it really isn't close. The average pork chop from a heritage pork breed has more marbling, fatty flavor, tenderness, and a redder color due to superior genetics and a longer time to market than contemporary pork. There are a variety of heritage breeds that produce this high quality pork-including Berkshires (or Kurobota), Mangalitsa (which we sell), Spots, Tamworth, Yorkshire, Durocs, and Spots. 

Buy Locally

One great way to buy pork locally is to identify a farmer in your area. You can always Google "local pork for sale" or "local heritage pork" tied to a a breed. For instance, "Local Mangalitsa pork for sale" is a good search term. 

Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets are a great way to find local sellers. Look for the names of the pork breeds. It's important to talk to farmers about how they raise pork humanely. Our pork at Acorn Bluff Farms is raised outdoors, fed by hand, with plenty of time for the pigs to wallow in the mud. 

Joel Salatin is famous for raising pigs humanely and outdoors. We've started to raise our pork on pasture, too. You can also ask about feed quality, sourcing of pork, and where the meat is killed. We recommend local lockers whenever possible., as big meat lockers have an oligopoly to squeeze meat producers 


Buy Online

Finding heritage pork online is another route. Our store, for instance, sells and ships Mangalitsa pork to any of the lower 48 states and routinely supplies customers in California, Iowa, Illinois, Texas, New York, Florida, and more!


Sign up for a CSA

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a subscription box or plan that provides a mix of local meat and vegetables, supporting farmers and ensuring a healthy and fresh supply of meat year round. CSAs are a great option for folks looking to diversify their food supply and have a steady supply of local food!




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