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Kenan Todd
Why We Started a Mangalitsa Farm - Acorn Bluff Farms

Why We Started a Mangalitsa Farm

We decided a few years ago to start not only a farm, but a Mangalitsa farm. Most people don't even know what Mangalitsa is- so why did we decide to start one? When we started our farm, we researched virtually every breed of pig to determine what breed we should raise. Yes, this included taste testing! We looked at a number of pig breeds, and were astounded at the cool breeds of pigs and the high quality tasting pork that we didn’t know existed.

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Jared Todd
Berkshire vs Mangalitsa Pigs and Pork - Acorn Bluff Farms

Berkshire vs Mangalitsa Pigs and Pork

Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs are both known for their fine tasting pork. Berkshire has achieved wider fame in the United States. Sellers of Berkshire pork like D'Artagnan and Snake River Farms are known all over the United States for selling Berkshire Pork. Mangalitsa is a breed that has produced less volume in the United States, as an import from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but is rising quickly.  Our farm, Acorn Bluff Farms, set out to raise Mangalitsa (also often called Mangalica) pork in Southeast Iowa. We believe that Managalitsa or Mangalica is arguably the best tasting pork in the world, but Berkshire...

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Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for Sale - Acorn Bluff Farms

Mangalitsa Feeder Pigs for Sale

As demand for our world class Mangalitsa pork chops, bratwursts, hams, and other cuts has grown, Acorn Bluff Farms in Columbus Junction, Iowa has recently expanded into selling feeder Mangalitsa pigs throughout Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Kansas. In 2021, we sold several, and in 2022, demand is only rising. Remember, health papers and following all applicable laws is important in transmitting young piglets. We sell pure blood, pedigreed Mangalitsa that we purchased from our wonderful friends at 1936 Meadowbrook Farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan. As a reminder, Mangalitsa is the world’ best tasting pork, bursting at the seams...

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The History of Bratwurst - Acorn Bluff Farms

The History of Bratwurst

    We all love a good Bratwurst. They’re juicy, tasty, full of flavor and perfect for the grill on a hot summer day or the cast iron skillet with onions on a cold winter’s day. Bratwursts are quintessentially German, but growing in popularity in the United States - 90 Million Americans in 2020 will consume at least one bratwurst, nearly one-third of the population! Where did bratwursts, or “brats” as they’re commonly known, come from?   The earliest recorded reference to Bratwurst is in the German city of Nuremberg in the year 1313! By 1432, German cities had developed...

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