Our Farm

Our farm where we raise Mangalitsa Pork, often called the Kobe Beef of Pork,  sits in the rolling Iowa River bluff country in rural Louisa County, Iowa, a 40-minute drive from Iowa City, Iowa. Acorn Bluff Farms is named because of our location amongst oak trees, ravines, and steep inclines. Seth, one of our owners, lives in an 1830s farmhouse on the property. Acorn Bluff Farms raise pumpkins and Indian corn in addition to our local, sustainably raised Mangalista pork.

 The farm ground has been in continuous, but sustainable, use for almost 200 years. Acorn Bluff Farms is excited to maintain the farm’s local food roots. Since before Iowa was even a state, the settlers on the farm were smoking meat, planting Oak trees, and harvesting crops. The local food movement (and the rise of great taste and high quality meat), is coinciding with the rise in Acorn Bluff’s size and scope. We look forward to growing with you into the future.

Please reach out for the guaranteed best tasting Iowa bacon, pork chops, and bratwurst, by ordering now!