Rotational Grazing for Pastured Mangalitsa Pigs

Rotational Grazing for Pastured Mangalitsa Pigs - Acorn Bluff Farms

Our pigs don't stay in one place. We rotate them frequently between pastures. This practice is literally saving the earth. Here's why: All grassland ecology is built around roving herds, because roving is what herds do! Our North American ecology depended on bison, who roamed constantly. 

When Barbed Wire was invented, grasslands were fenced in. Herds didn't rotate. This was bad for the land as we saw overgrazing destroy land, leading to erosion, weeds, compaction, and more. 


It also removed annual fires, which would remove weeds, reset the land, and provide nutrients for the soil. 


For these reasons and more, we rotate our Mangalitsa pigs on pasture at Acorn Bluff Farms, as well as our beef. The pigs are always happy when they rotate, they enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and fresh things to eat. This also reduces soil compaction and increases our soil health. 


It's not all purely unselfish either. Rotating pork on pasture makes us more profitable because the land produces more food for the pigs to eat over time!

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