Our customers love our Mangalitsa pork. Here are a few of the nice notes we have received over the last few years. 

If you are interested in ordering some Mangalitsa (or Mangalica) pork, the time is now! 


"The pork chops were insane. Incredibly delicious”

-Customer in San Francisco, California

“That may have been the best pork chop I’ve ever had. I’ve don’t know how [you] get it so tender, but it’s amazing”

-Customer in Indianapolis, In

“The flavor is wonderful”

-Customer in Chicago, Il

“I’ve got some rosemary, salt, and pepper on there, and it’s just excellent”

“The fat is laughably soft”

“These are amazingly rich”

-Customer in Chicago, Il

“Brats were so good!!! Pumped to eat my way through the rest of the stuff I got”

-Customer in St. Louis, MO


-Customer in Bay Area, California

“These pork chops were incredible!”

-Customer in Missouri


"Best brat I’ve ever had. By far. Will be slow smoking pork roast next. I’ll be back for lots more... thanks a bunch. Great stuff all."

-Customer in western United States


"Your Mangalitsa is absolutely divine"

-Customer in Ohio



"The bratwurst are my favorite so far. Still have some more to sample tho. And bacon was perfect."

-Customer on the West Coast


"All your products are outstanding but gotta say was super impressed with the bacon. I thought, “well it’s bacon, how much can it really vary?” It turns out: a great deal."

-Happy Customer


"Great sausage"

-Customer on the West Coast


"I tried the ground pork patties, the best tasting pork I’ve ever tasted!!"

-Customer in Minnesota


"Smoked at 250-270, pulled it at 200... it sliced like brisket at 200. And I'm not complaining"

-Customer in the Midwest


"Outstanding. Best ham I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot of ham."

-Customer in California


"I finally grilled those mangalitsa chops from @AcornBluffFarms and they were everything they're purported to be, unbelievable"

-Customer in undisclosed location