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Mangalitsa, a special breed of pig that produces amazing tasting pork, is coveted by chefs the world over for its delicious, rich taste. And now, you can buy it directly from sustainable farmers on a heritage farm in Southeast Iowa.

Mangalitsa pork is sumptuous. Our pork is both more tender, and by far more marbled than other pork. This means it has a high level of creamy, rich, health intramuscular fat. FAT is Flavor. Ever seen Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix? If you cook our pork right, you have all of those factors coming together in a symphony of flavors in your mouth. We’ve been told that if you eat our pork blindfolded, you may temporarily leave your body, the emotions are so intense.

When you bite into Mangalitsa pork, it forever changes your conception of what pork is, and of what pork can be. The explosive and juicy flavor of Iowa-raised Mangalitsa meat is second to none. We have recently had customers who compete in barbecue competitions purchase Mangalitsa meat for its rich, bold flavor. And win.

After years of private sales, we are opening our farm to the general public, and shipping nationwide.

Our locally and sustainably raised pork is available to residents all over the Midwest, including Iowa City and Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago, Illinois and other areas looking for food that is sustainably sourced.

Please reach out to acornblufffarms (at) gmail dot com with any inquiries, or Order Now!



 The first sensation you feel when biting into a Mangalitsa cut is disbelief. Pork, you ask, can taste THIS GOOD? What have I been missing my whole life? You see, modern pork no longer has the flavor profile of older pork. Flavor was bred out of modern pork, sacrificed for growth and efficiency.


Our pork retains the tendernes and intra-muscular fat that all pork used to have. Eating Mangalitsa is an experience you will never forget. Rich, creamy, umami flavor fills your senses, and how you view pork (and life) will never be the same again.