Mangalitsa Bacon for Sale, Known for its Delicious Flavor

Mangalitsa Bacon for Sale, Known for its Delicious Flavor - Acorn Bluff Farms

Mangalitsa Bacon differs from classic bacon in many ways, including its fat content, how it is cured, and how it tastes! Mangalitsa Bacon comes from Mangalitsa pigs, a breed of pigs often called "wooly pigs" or "Mangalica" that produce a distinctive and tasty pork. Mangalitsa pork is known for being the best tasting pork breed, and its bacon is no different. Genetics add flavor, fat contributes to taste , and Mangalitsa Bacon has more fat,  and genetically good taste, in a different ratio to lean cuts, than more traditional bacon that you might buy in stores. Breakfast is different (in a really good way) when you eat Mangalitsa instead of classic bacon. 

Curing Bacon

Mangalitsa bacon also differs from classic bacon in how it is prepared. The different composition and genetics mean that Mangalitsa Bacon is often cured differently. 'Curing' is the process by which bacon is turned from side meat into bacon. Curing involves rubbing salt and other minerals onto side meats to add the distinctive bacon flavor while preserving the meat. 


Smoking Bacon

Often, after curing bacon is smoked. Smoking bacon involves holding the bacon over a low heat for a long time so that the smoke flavor can penetrate the bacon's shell. Our Mangalitsa bacon is often smoked (depending on the butcher as we rotate amongst several excellent local butchers). The smoke in many cases imparts even more flavor than the curing process. 

Taste the Difference

Mangalitsa has natural tenderness that comes directly from its genetics. Flavor in Mangalitsa bacon also stems from genetics as well as how the hogs are raised-much slower with slower growth and better marbling. 

Curing, smoking, genetics, and how Mangalitsa pigs are raised combined to deliver a bacon that is delicious, flavorful, smoky, with enough fat to have real flavor. It can be cooked in many ways, from the classic stovetop or griddle to in the oven. Enterprising chefs often combine ground pork and bacon. to make Mangalitsa Pork burgers, which are a huge hit. 

If you're interested in trying some for yourself, click here, we ship our home raised Mangalitsa pork nationwide. 

If pork chops, ground pork, shoulder roasts, or breakfast sausage are more your speed, you can check out our best sellers! 

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