Our Pigs

We raise Mangalitsa pigs on our farm in Columbus Junction, Iowa. Thirty minutes south of Iowa City, 2.5 hours from Des Moines, and 4 hours from St Louis and Chicago, our farm’s history predates the establishment of Iowa as a state. Our pigs lead idyllic lives, eating leftover pumpkins, acorns from our many oak trees, and wallowing in the mud, as pigs should.

The breed of pigs we raise, Mangalitsas, were originally developed in Hungary for the Royal Habsburg Family. Modern pork has lost all of its fat content because of a mistaken notion that eating fat was unhealthy. Mangalitsa Pork resembles the flavorful, tender, and marbled pork eaten by our ancestors


Mangalitsas (also known as Mangalicas) are sometimes called “the hairy pig.” They typically have a thick coat of wool-like hair that insulates the pigs and keeps them warm. As piglets, they often have stripes, but grow out of these stripes over time. Mangalitsas have a friendly temperament, are naturally inquisitive, and easy keepers.

Our pigs are raised outside, with soil to root in, mud to wallow in, and plenty to eat. We use minimal antibiotics and treat our animals humanely. Our farm to table approach allows you to know where your food comes from. And it's delicious. 

The ancient breeding history of Mangalitsas guarantees that you are eating the same pork once enjoyed by literal royalty. Our pigs are happy, quite fat and roly-poly compared to confinement hogs, and live happy lives.

After being butchered at a local, USDA-inspected butcher, our farm to table approach leads to the juiciest, best tasting pork chops, bratwursts, roasts, and bacon you’ve ever had. Interested in learning more? Place an Order Today!