The History of Bratwurst

The History of Bratwurst - Acorn Bluff Farms




We all love a good Bratwurst. They’re juicy, tasty, full of flavor and perfect for the grill on a hot summer day or the cast iron skillet with onions on a cold winter’s day. Bratwursts are quintessentially German, but growing in popularity in the United States - 90 Million Americans in 2020 will consume at least one bratwurst, nearly one-third of the population! Where did bratwursts, or “brats” as they’re commonly known, come from?


The earliest recorded reference to Bratwurst is in the German city of Nuremberg in the year 1313! By 1432, German cities had developed strict guidelines as to the creation of quality bratwursts-replete with fines!

Since then, multiple varieties of brats have developed. We’re partial to those created on our farm in Iowa, using Mangalitsa pigs, but there are all sorts of possible varieties.

Bratwursts are ground meat (often beef or pork), enclosed in casing, with special spices. Nutmeg, sage, caraway, and, surprisingly, ginger, combine to form the spice basis of the meat. Some German recipes also add eggs and milk to keep brats fluffy and light!

Brats can be cooked many ways as well-here at Acorn Bluff Farms we prefer using either a cast iron skillet, or grilling over a charcoal or gas fire.

So what are you waiting for? Click today to order some of your own bratwursts from Acorn Bluff Farms-our brats are juicy, delicious, and flavorful, and will blow away any brats purchased at a grocery store!



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