Why The CoronaVirus (CoVID19) Has Shown The Importance of Buying Local

We all saw the headlines. In our hometown of Columbus Junction, Iowa, there was a massive CoVID-19 outbreak. Nationwide warnings of meat shortages happened, with grocery store guests limited to a specific number of pieces of bacon. With CoVID-10 showcasing many of the flaws in our current system, buying local meat has become of vital importance.


We sell our Mangalitsa pork in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area. We chose to sell Mangalitsa because of the superior taste, but we also chose a farm to table method because we believe that not only is the cultural and local connection to the land vital in choosing what to eat, but also that eating locally sourced foods is a much more resilient way to buffer your family against volatility.

For the same reason, we were excited to see Representative Thomas Massie from Kentucky advance the PRIME Act. This bill would allow small farmers and meatpackers to sell directly to consumers, something that requires onerous USDA certification right now. The PRIME act is a non-partisan bill sponsored by a Democrat and Republican that would allow the small landholder, what Thomas Jefferson called “the most precious part of the state” to begin to thrive again.

Locally sourced beef and pork not only is more resilient, but it does provide a cultural touchstone. America is increasingly atomized and alienated. The way to bring back community is to form stronger local community bonds, and that’s what Acorn Bluff is doing as well. We hold annual open houses where we serve our pork and let the community tour sustainable and humane facilities, meet our pigs, and eat some great food.

Strengthening community ties, providing resilience against volatility in the world, and strengthening small business owner - and the meat tastes better! Buying local is a win for everyone involved.

If this sounds like something you’d like to support, join us by ordering now!


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