Why Does Modern Grocery Store Pork Taste So Bad?

Why Does Modern Grocery Store Pork Taste So Bad? - Acorn Bluff Farms

In the 1980s and 1990s, there was a hysteria that involved people thinking dietary fat was bad for them. While this was later disproven (and many times, the dietary fat not from vegetable oils is good for you), it lead to a structural change in how pork was delivered in America.

The pork producers, in a brilliant marketing stroke but terrible tasting idea, bred much of the intra-muscular fat out of pigs. As anyone who has seen and then tasted a nicely marbled Wagyu steak knows-intramuscular fat is flavor! So the producers bred the flavor out of pork to appeal to people mislead by nutrition Intellectual-yet-Idiots (IYIs).

The pork you buy from the grocery store is dry and tasteless because genetically, the hogs are bred for less fat, while ours are the way pigs traditionally are, with tremendously tasty intra-muscular fat.

Check out this picture below that features our marbled pork raised on our farm just south of Iowa City, contrasted with a pork chop from the grocery store.



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