Eat the"Kobe Beef of Pork" -The Best Tasting Pork
We're 2 brothers who raise Mangalitsa, the best tasting pork in the world, on an 1830s farm in Iowa. We hand raise our pigs on pasture, renewing the earth. Mangalitsas originally were bred by the Royal Habsburg family, and taste better, due to marbling, genetics, and a deep, red meat. The best pork of your life! Ships to your door!
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What's different about Mangalitsa Pork?

Hint: It's Totally Unlike  Any Pork You've Had Before
Deeply Marbled Like Steak
Our pork retains intra-muscular fat, AKA Marbling. This imparts flavor, tenderness, and gives it a melt in your mouth quality more similar to a steak than other pork you'vehad. .
Umami Flavor
World class chefs at the top restaurants in the world rave about Mangalitsa Pork. Mangalitsa Pigs were imported from Hungary in the 2000s, specifically for their unparalleled genetics.
Raised By Hand with Nature
Our pigs are raised humanely on pasture in Iowa, which research has shown renews the soil and may have health benefits for the pork you eat. 
Delivered To Your Door
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Our Pork

Raised by Hand, Shipped to Your Door, Absurd Flavor
Raised By Hand
Raised by Hand in Iowa 
Shipped to Your Door on Dry Ice
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all orders above $100 in the Midwest. 
Best Tasting
Mangalitsa is Used by Chefs at the Best Restaurants in the World
Originally Bred by Royalty
This is Royal Pork, originally bred by the Royal Habsburg Family

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Frequently Asked

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What is special about Mangalitsa Pork?

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Do you raise your pigs in confinement buildings? 

No! We raise our pigs outdoors, in the sunshine, with freedom to roam!

Do you have recipes for your pork? 

Sure thing! Just email us and we will share some recipes. You can also check out our blog. 

What are your shipping & handling charges?

We ship our meat with two day shipping, on dry ice, with ice packs. This is not without expense, but ensures the best experience possible for you and the freshest pork!

When will my order ship?

We ship on the first and third Monday of every month, in order to ensure a maximally fresh delivery!

How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards!

Can I visit the farm?

We are finishing a major overhaul of the farm, but will soon set up a new tour system. Stay tuned. 

Does it really taste that much better?!